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The beautiful Town House which is Capitolium Rooms is located in a prestigious and central position in the historical center of Rome, close to Termini railway station. Roma Termini is the main train station of the city and is named after the ancient Diocletian Baths (in italian: “Terme”) which lie across the street from the main entrance. Almost a century after Caracalla gave Romans his gargantuan Baths, Emperor Diocletian, who never even visited Rome, strove to outshine his imperial predecessor by commissioning the largest and most gorgeous bathing establishment the world had ever seen. It could accommodate up to 3000 bathers simultaneously, about twice as many as the Baths of Caracalla.

dintorniFragments of the Baths’ core were incorporated into the Renaissance Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli .
(Saint Mary of the Angels) and form part of the Museo Nazionale Romano (National Museum of Rome). This museum possesses one of the world’s most important archaeological collections. Saint Mary of the Angels was constructed by Michelangelo in 1563 with the building material from a part of the Baths of Diocletian. The church was altered in the 18th Century losing most of its original character. The interior was almost completely remodelled by Vanvitelli. The other beautiful Basilica close by is the one of Santa Maria Maggiore (Saint Mary Major). Its name reflects two ideas of greatness (“major”), that of a major (or papal) basilica and that of the largest (major) church in Rome dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Just a few minutes away by subway, you can reach the symbol of Rome: the Colosseum: in 72 AD, Emperor Vespasian decided to devote part of the area occupied by the Nero’s Domus Aurea to public entertainment, and built the biggest Roman amphitheatre in the world: the Colosseum.

This Flavian amphitheatre took its name either because it stood near the statue of Nero, the Colosseo“Colosseum”, or because of its own colossal dimension. Three types of columns support the arcades and the walls are made of brick and volcanic tufa faced with marble blocks. The Colosseum is well-known for the spectacles organized in it, consisting of duels between gladiators and wild animals. These spectacles went on for centuries and were banned only in 404. From the Colosseum comes the enchanting Roman Forum: it was the civic and political heart of the Roman Empire, tracing nowadays, with its few columns and ruined walls, 12 centuries of history.

The Forum had many functions: it was in the same time the reference for daily life, politics and religion. In about 550 BC this valley became a real square at the center of town. The last Etruscan king, Tarquin the Proud, was thrown out in 509BC and the Consulate was instituted. The Republican era had begun: Piazza di SpagnaRome began to develop into an Empire. In a pleasant walk of 20 minutes or using the subway, you can also reach other highlights of Rome: the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The first is a Baroque masterpiece: it has a scenographical effect, guaranteed by the restricted space of the surrounding, which presents itself as a theatre. The central niche depicts Neptune riding a chariot driven by sea horses and the water flows over rocks before collecting in a pool below. According to legend, if you throw a coin into the water by expressing a wish, the wish will come true and you will certainly return to Rome. In this area, you can’t miss a walk among the fashionable and world-known Via Veneto. The Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna are some of Rome’s most famous sights, due to their popularity as a meeting point and their position at the heart of the city’s shopping area. From the upper terrace there is an excellent view of the city.

Piazza della Repubblica RomaThe great Piazza della Repubblica with its Naiadi’s Fountain are just a few minutes from the Capitolium Rooms. From Piazza della Repubblica one of the most prestigious fashion streets of Rome starts: Via Nazionale, full of shops, cafés and restaurants.

The area in which is the Capitolium Rooms is very well served by public transportation: just about 200 mt from the hotel is the subway stop of “Termini” (Line A and Line B) and many bus lines that will connect you to all the major sights of the Eternal City in a very short time.

So, come visit Rome with a relaxing stay at Capitolium Rooms and have a nice holiday!

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